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    Top Hip-Hop Artists Who Reached Billionaire Status: Diddy vs Jay Z

    Many people wrongly assumed that Kanye would live a life free of cancellation. These last couple of weeks have shown us that he’s not as powerful as he thinks he is. Just like that, a lot of the things had worked hard for were taken away as quickly as a snap. You have to be in a certain tax bracket to be above that kind of power.

    Two people that are a part of the elite black rapper group Jay-Z and Diddy. It’s almost as if these moguls are in a class of their own, because of how filthy rich they are. When it is all said and done, who do you think will be richer?

    1. Possible NFL Team Ownership

    Unless you have been living under a rock, there has never been a black owner in NFL history. For the most part, it’s a “good ol’ boy club”, filled with Caucasian billionaires.

    The only black men that came near to buying a team of their own are Diddy and Jay Z. Diddy tried his luck when the Carolina Panthers were up for sale, even though he was unsuccessful. Just last week, the reports came out confirming the Washington Commanders would be hitting the open market. Rumors began to swirl that Jay Z and Bezos could be teaming up to purchase the franchise. The fact that these two are even able to take part in these discussions says a lot about their bag.

    2.Tech Endeavors

    Scared money doesn’t get you a big payday. Nobody has ever won big by playing it safe. This is why Jay and Diddy have invested so much money into businesses that could potentially change the landscape of entertainment. Jay Z was one of the primary founders of Tidal, which is best known for being the streaming platform that has the highest number of artist payouts. Sadly, he sold all of his shares when the going got tough.

    Diddy, on the other hand, has been killing it with Revolt TV. Their platform is responsible for hit web shows/podcasts such as “Drink Champs”, “Caresha Please” featuring Yung Miami, and “The Crew League”. I don’t even think it’s comparable to who was more successful when it came to tech investments. Right now, RevoltTV is more impactful to the black culture than BET.

    3. The Future

    Now that Diddy has officially made it to billionaire status, the richer gets even richer. All those years of giving artists dirty deals worked out in his favor. For Jay Z, we never know his next move. He has to be one of the most low-key legends because he is never pressed to be in front of the camera. Never knowing what trick he has up his sleeve is the reason you should never count him out. But regardless you can’t go wrong with either option.

    One sleeper pick for the richest rapper ever, that everyone constantly overlooks, is Berner. That’s the person everyone should be worried about who will catch up to them in wealth. Most of his money came from his massive marijuana brand “Cookies” which has grown into an empire. Don’t believe me? He just passed Dr. Dre in wealth due to his newest deal. At the rate that everyone is sparking up, he’s going to be swimming in money.


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