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    Top Five Global Events: Week Of July 18

    Top 5 Global Events Happening Now

    The heatwave in Europe, COVID-19, the war in Ukraine, a new shark super highway, and recent updates on the Uvalde shooting are the top five global events happening right now. 

    Rising World Temperatures 

    Map of heat patterns

    As we reach the middle of summer, temperatures are drastically rising in all parts of the world. Europe is experiencing particularly high temperatures with England reaching record highs. Moreover, fires have also broken out as temperatures reach 40.3 degrees Celsius (104.5 F). As many parts of England lack proper cooling systems, people are searching for any way to cool off. In Spain, active wildfires have spread throughout and many individuals have experienced heat related medical issues. These extreme temperatures and wildfires across the world are clear signs of climate change. 

    Covid-19 Updates 

    Novavax Vaccine

    Furthermore, the two-year long pandemic has drastically shifted many people’s lives as COVID-19 has spread across the world mutating as it goes. According to The New York Times, a fourth COVID-19 vaccine is cleared for use in the United States. The Novavax vaccine is a primary vaccine. According to The New York Times, roughly 26-37 million adults in the United States have yet to get vaccinated. Many students are planning to return back to school and COVID hasn’t let up. Along with this, many offices have continued the transition to remote work and seem to be in favor of this new way to work. 

    Update in Ukraine 

    Volodymyr Zelenskyy

    Moreover, as the war against Ukraine continues to rage on, here are some important updates. According to The Washington Post, the White House has warned Ukraine of Russia’s plans to annex large “swaths” of Ukraine. The 5-month long war has raged on with most countries showing support for Ukraine. Along with this, after arriving in Tehran on Tuesday, Putin spoke to the press in an attempt to blame Ukraine for the lack of peace. Putin continues to ensue violence on Ukraine and shows no signs of pulling back. 

    Shark Superhighway 


    Additionally, the Mesoamerican Reef spanning for 600 miles from Mexico to Honduras, is home to many migrating species. According to CNN, the company Maraalicance is working to turn fishers into conservationists. Shark Superhighway, a documentary by National Geographic Explorer, follows the evolution and behavior of hammerhead sharks. Fishing remains a primary threat to sharks so these efforts to protect the superhighway will hopefully change that. 

    Uvalde Shooting Updates 

    Police officer on phone

    Lastly, the Uvalde shooting was another wake-up call for gun reform in the United states. Recent footage shows police officers inside of the school displaying no signs of urgency. One police officer was seen looking at their phone while cries of children ensued in the background. Uvalde police department has continually attempted to maintain their reputation but this recent footage debunks their previous claims. The House Investigative committee of the Robb Elementary School shooting, compiled a detailed report of the incident revealing truths of how police officers responded to the shooter. The Texas police department continues to shift the narrative in their favor but this new footage helps us see the actual events unfold. 

    Stay tuned for more updates on global events!



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