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    Top Five Global Events For July Week 1

    Top 5 Global Events Right Now 

    The state of the world is constantly shifting with new events each day. The overturn of Roe V. Wade, the recent Highland shooting, Amazon deforestation, the war in Ukraine, and while it may not be breaking news, the resignation of Boris Johnson reminds us that we can’t control everything, but we can do our best to become aware of these issues. So, here are the top five global events right now that you should know more about. 

    Update in Ukraine 

    Volodymyr Zelenskyy

    One of the top five global events is a recurring event. Russia’s war in Ukraine has lasted 4 months with no end in sight. At the very beginning of the war, people from all over the world rallied in support of Ukraine. This unity strengthened the country of Ukraine and brought many people together. However, the state of the war remains urgent and many individuals seem to have moved on. So here are some updates on the war in Ukraine. President Zelensky stated in his nightly address on Wednesday, that the Western weapons are working and strengthening the Ukrainian army. Russian forces have taken over the Luhansk region and are honing in on Donetsk. Moreover, In a recent statement, Putin stated “The war could continue until the last Ukrainian is left standing”. And according to CNN, Zelensky says Ukraine will not give up territory for peace in Russia. Putin has consistently expressed his plans for Ukraine and continues to threaten the country with violence with no signs of mercy. This week, the G20 foreign ministers will meet in Bali to discuss the conflict’s effects on food shortages. 

    Amazon Deforestation 

    World events
    Amazon Rainforest

    With the threat of global warming at an all-time high, the state of the world is in danger. The Amazon rainforest is experiencing record high deforestation in 2022 alone. Satellite imaging shows that approximately 3,750 square kilometers of the rainforest were lost in the first half of 2022. The Amazon Rainforest plays a primary role in the fight against global warming however, emissions are catching up to us and we are now ruining the forest and its important role. Our Amazon rainforest is very important to our fight against global warming and protecting it is in our best interest. 

    Highland Park Shooting 

    Just weeks after the Uvalde shooting, the government’s little efforts to enact gun reform have struck again. On July 4th, 2022, a patriotic parade quickly took a turn for the worst as another mass shooting took place leaving more than 2 dozen injured and 6 dead. This shooting and many others are desperate calls for gun reform in The United States. Government officials remain deaf in their abilities to enact change and continue to do so even after mass shooting events. 

    Roe V. Wade Updates 

    World News

    While not breaking news, the recent overturn of Roe V. Wade is just another example of how America’s government has failed its people. While the news of the supreme court decision isn’t new, the long-term effects of this decision will come into action soon. The overturn disproportionately affects marginalized individuals and is a direct attack on poor/Black women seeking abortions. While many blue states like the state of California and their governors have expressed the residents continued right to choose, many Republican-run states begin to enact policies against the right to choose. 13 states including Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Mississippi, West Virginia, and Wisconsin have trigger laws that make banning abortion much easier. These laws could potentially get women and the doctors who perform abortion procedures, in legal trouble. Many people have already started to express their support for women from red states seeking abortions with some even offering up their homes as a place to stay. The overturn of Roe V. Wade doesn’t end here. 

    Boris Johnson Resigns  

    Global News
    Boris Johnson looks out at a crowd

    While it may not be the most urgent world news, the Prime minister of England Boris Johnson, recently announced his resignation after many accusations of poor behavior and many members of his Republican party resigning. After treasury chief Nadhim Zahawi publicly told him to resign, Johnson did so shortly after. Johnson stated “In the last few days, I tried to persuade my colleagues that it would be eccentric to change governments when we’re delivering so much and when we have such a vast mandate…I regret not being successful in those arguments”. Several names have emerged as to who will succeed him, but nothing is finalized yet. 

    Stay tuned for updates on the top five global events.


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