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    Top 5 Sweet Munchies at Reading Terminal Market

    The Reading Terminal Market, located in Center City, Philadelphia. The Reading Terminal Market is a well known historical place for some delicious food and drinks. However, a lot of Philadelphians are unfamiliar with some of the hidden delights that are tucked away on 12th street. So if you are in the mood for something to hit your sweet tooth, check out this list.

    Top Five Sweet Munchies

    #5 Beiler’s Doughnuts

    Beiler’s Doughnuts is one of Philly’s prime location for fresh doughnuts and is becoming more and more popular. These doughnuts are always fresh, and there is a wide variety of choices. Make sure you have napkins because they are hard to handle. The chocolate sprinkle doughnut has a rich taste, and the combination of the airy dough makes for a doughnut that would make Homer Simpson stop saying, “Doh!”

    Sweet Munchies at Reading Terminal Market-1

    #4 Mueller Chocolate Company

    Muller Chocolate Co. is perhaps the most famous place on this list, being featured on Bizarre Food with Andrew Zimmerman and Ripley’s Believe it or Not! This renowned chocolate shop has fresh fudge that you do not need to drive to the shore for and gummy candies that are so juicy and flavorful that you will wish you had bought a bigger bag.

    Sweet Munchies at Reading Terminal Market-2

    #3 Famous 4th Street Cookie Company

    The Famous 4th Street Cookie Company has a wide array of cookie flavors that will make any cookie enthusiast stop in their tracks and take a closer look. The chocolate chip cookies there are among the all-time chocolate chip cookies in Philadelphia. These cookies will make grandma and the cookie monster ask for the recipe.

    Sweet Munchies at Reading Terminal Market-3

    #2 Profi’s Creperie

    “I will let you go, Ricky. But first, I want you to say…”I… love… crepes.” – Talladega Nights. Profi’s Creperie ranks high on the list because of their strawberry banana Nutella crepe. The crepe cooks right in front of your very eyes; you will witness the treat go from batter to a warm, delightful crepe. Watch as chocolate Nutella spreads on the warm snack, fresh strawberries, and banana are cut-up, folding up the crepe and topping it off with powdered sugar. This crepe is one of the best sweet treats in the Reading Terminal Market and typically lasts about 30 seconds on a plate.

    Sweet Munchies at Reading Terminal Market-4

    #1 Termini Brothers Bakery

    Termini’s, as the Philadelphians call it, has been open since 1921 by two brothers Giuseppe and Gaetano and is perhaps the most famous bakery in Philadelphia. Their cannolis are absolutely the best cannolis in Philadelphia. Also, most definitely a competitor for top cannoli on the east coast. The richness and sweet taste of the filling with chocolate chips are a mouthwatering combination. Not only are the cannolis ridiculously amazing, but their cakes and cheesecakes are also amazing; in particular, the carrot cake is one of their best items. Be sure to stop by Termini’s if you are at the Reading Terminal Market because you will not regret it.

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