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    Top 5 Reasons Meek Mill Is Not “Going Bad”

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    Robert Williams, better known by his stage name Meek Mill is an American rapper. Mill was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA.

    The rap star grew up with music at a young age and has embarked on his music career. Ultimately marking Mill as one of the latest rap phenomenons to come out of the city of Philadelphia.

    Mill has debuted highly anticipated songs and albums. Of those include back in 2008, “Hottest In Da City,” and in 2015 album marking his top charter of Billboard’s “Top 200 Albums,” DREAMS WORTH MORE THAN MONEY. The artist has been inseparable from not only promoting his music, but his ability to bring awareness to the criminal justice system. The “Going Bad” star is doing great things to build his career as more than just an artist.

    While many believe Mill’s career is ending, here are five reasons why his career isn’t over and prove he’s still making it on top.

    5 Reasons Meek Mill’s Career is Not Over

    Meek Mill
    via Fresh! Hip-Hop & R&B

    1. Mill is an incredible rapper. 

    Mill has a strong background in music, resulting in an endless list of top hits. The songs and albums are accurate definitions of the rap star. Mill’s first solo debut album, Dreams and Nightmares, debuted at No.2 on “Billboard’s Top 200″ albums. With his latest album, Championships, debuting as No.1. Mill has continued to bring new rap music to the industry, and more fans are catching on. The “All Eyes on You” star proves his career is here to stay.

    2. Mill brings awareness to the Criminal Justice Reform organization.

    In 2017, the movement #FreeMeekMill resulted in his release on bail in April 2018. Eventually led to his original conviction being overturned. Ever since then, Mill has used his platform to generate awareness within the criminal justice system and highlight communities that are not brought up enough. The “Bad for You” star is helping one case at a time.

    3. Mill is co-owner of the sports apparel retailer, Lids.

    Mill announced in 2019 that he was the co-owner of Lids Sports Apparel Company. One of the largest retail sellers of hats and licensed sports products. In his interview with Business Insider, “In our culture, it’s been a big thing. So, it was something I ain’t have to think twice about and always believed in, that it’ll work. The star has worked on designs and the creative side that truly showcase he’s a businessman.

    4. Mill donates to his community and with education.

    Aside from his criminal justice movement, Mill has teamed up with comedian Kevin Hart and Shark Tank star Michael Rubin to donate $15 million to more than 100 Philly schools. According to sources, the donation is made to help thousands of lower-income students pay for tuition. Also, the star launched a $2 million scholarship fund to assist students in the area during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mill continues to help his community and do anything possible to help his Philadelphia family.

    5. Mill’s confidence and knowing that nothing or no one will ever predict “Meek is over.”

    The Grammy-nominated star has brought his feelings to Twitter regarding his haters. The artist wrote, “If you a corporate person that works in the music business and ever predicted meek is over,” Mills post.

    “…I want place a 10m bet with you in contract…Label owners a&rs ceo’s artist…im finding out ya’ll was talking like that…y’all said I was over at least 5 times.” 

    The “Angels” star shows his determination and hard work to show he is a force to be reckoned with. Haters continue to think the rap star is not capable, and by the look of Mill’s Twitter post, he’s passionate about hip-hop music more than ever. The Philly rapper has continued to show a strong confidence that is motivating to see. Once again, this post proves Meek Mill’s career is NOT over.


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