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    Top 5 Political French Rap Songs

    French Rap Addresses Political Issues

    Emmanuel Macron recently won re-election in France. However, The New York Times reports that the populaces of many Western nations “have become fed up with traditional politicians.” French rap continues to be some of the most political in the world. Read more issues being addressed below.

    1. Violence Masquée

     “Violence masquée à ceux qui prônent l’intolérance/Masked violence to those who advocate intolerance”. The perfect rap song for pandemic conspiracy theorists. Keny Arkana comes from a background rich with songs about political dissent as a French rapper of Latin American heritage.

    2. L’ordeur de l’essence

    The song title roughly translates as, “The Gasoline Lord”. The lyrics reflect ideas that associate the global oil industry with worldwide doom and gloom. “Prendre l’argent des gens c’est voler sauf quand c’est du business. Génération Z parce que la dernière./Taking people’s money is stealing except when it’s business. Generation Z because the last.”

    3. Le Poete Noir

    This song highlights the racism many still face in democratic nations, and the hope that artists choose to feel instead of powerlessness. The lyrics metaphorically ask, “Peut-on rendre le monde meilleur en semant des pétales de proses?/Can we make the world a better place by sowing prose petals?”

    4. Nique la BAC

    “Ça veut pas qu’ les jeunes fument la beuh mais eux boivent du rouge tous les soirs/”It doesn’t want young people to smoke weed, but they drink red every night”. Young people continue to feel neglected by world governments, which are often driven by profits. Many youth are more concerned with building sustainable lifestyles than chasing economic bottom-lines.

    5. Journal Perso II

     “Mais, sauver les siens avant les autres./But, save his own before the others.” These intimate lyrics remind the listener of common decency. Informed citizens know to prioritize competent leaders.


    1. Really cool article!
      Can we make the world a better place by sowing prose petals?
      Answer: YES, indeed, it’s worth the try… sure beats violence and negativity.

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