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    Top 5 Important Facts you Need to Know Right Now About the Election

    Top 5 political facts you need to know right now:

    With the nation in disarray following the recent shootings of George Floyd and Jacob Blake, the future of the pandemic becoming impossible to predict and the election just months away – here are the top 5 important facts you need to know right now about this upcoming election.

    1. Voting:

    Stop what you’re doing. Well, don’t stop reading this article. Have you checked your voting registration status at The deadline for registering by mail and online is Monday Oct 19th. But you will also be able to register in person on Nov. 3rd. It is more important now than ever to get out and vote and encourage others to vote as well. Recently, the world lost two of the most influential civil rights leaders, C.T. Vivian and Congressmen John Lewis.

    They both came from a generation of fighting segregation, racism and injustice. Their bravery and sacrifice as young men helped to change the world as we know it.  When we look back at history to everyone who lost their lives, so that we could have the right to vote –  we remember to VOTE, to honor their legacy.

    2. What are the parties?:

    No matter where your allegiance lies politically, it’s important to know your options. In the United States, the election ballot is usually made up of two parties – the Democrats  and the Republicans. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you’d know that the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates are former Vice-president, Joe Biden along with running mate California Senator, Kamala Harris. Running for re-election is President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

    3. What has happened so Far?:

    Recently both parties held their national convention, which seemed to bring out star-studded speaker such as; Former President, Barack Obama; Former First Lady, Michelle Obama, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Cory Booker, Actresses Kerry Washington (“Scandal”), Julia Louis-Dreyfus (“Veep”), Tracee Ellis Ross (“Black-ish”) and Eva Longoria (“Desperate Housewives”) and Billy Porter. The Democratic convention also featured musical performances by Billie Eilish and Jennifer Hudson.

    4. Biden Vs Trump: Winner Takes All

    The first presidential debate, when the President Trump will face off against Former President, Joe Biden will be on Tuesday, September 29 at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana. The first and only debate between current VP Mike Pence and Biden’s newly named running mate, Kamala Harris is set for Wednesday, October 7 at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.

    5. How does a candidate win the general election?

    Did you know that in order for a candidate to win, all they would needs is 270 votes out of the 538? The popular vote is defined as the number of votes received by each candidate. Theses votes have little to no impact on determining the winner in this upcoming election on November 3rd. It all comes down to the electoral college vote. Each state is worth a number of electors proportionate to its representation in Congress: the sum of its senators (every state has two) and representatives in the House (determined by populous). In previous years, It is possible to win the popular vote, but lose the electoral vote, as that is what happened to prior Democrats candidates Al Gore in 2000 and Hillary Clinton in 2016.

    No matter your political preference, remember to do your research on your preferred candiate. Gain the knowledge and important facts you need to know this upcoming election. If you’re confused about how or when to vote, please visit:


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