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    Top 5 Horror Films to See This Halloween

    1. Here are some Halloween must-see films

    1. Spell (2020)

    This must-see horror starring Power’s Omari Hardwick and the seasoned Loretta Devine takes Omari’s character (Marquis) on a scary journey. He flies to go to his father’s funeral during a storm. Omari ends up in the wounded and in the care of a woman, Ms. Eloise (Devine). She claims that she will cure him. Afraid of this voodoo spell, Omari attempts to escape.

    The Paramount Pictures film is set to release on all major digital platform right before Halloween: on October 30.

    2. Haunt (2019)

    Coming in a close second on the horror scale is this horror about a group of college friends. On Halloween night, they encounter a haunted house. Things quickly turn deadly.

    You can put down your phone and waive your rights to scream. It is definitely not too late to see it turns out.

    3. Trick (2019)

    On Halloween 2015, Patrick ‘Trick’ Weaver kills several classmates at a costume party. After being shot 5 times,  the town thought he was dead.

    Like any nightmare that keeps happening again and again, all you want is for it to go away. “Trick” has a treat and he pops up every Halloween as a masked killer.

    1. Hubie Halloween (2020)

    There is always someone who tries to prevent something bad from happening on Halloween. No one in Salem takes Hubie seriously as the Halloween community watchman. Not until he becomes a key figure in investigating a real murder.

    If you’re looking for comedic horror, then you’re going to enjoy Hubie Halloween, an Adam Sandler original.

    It is streaming on Netflix starting October 7.

    1. Alive (2020)

    Two strangers rely on one another as zombies have taken over their apartment complexes. Their desire to survive brings them closer.

    The must-see Korean zombie apocalyptic horror will have you on the edge of your seat. You will go to sleep wondering what will happen if zombies were real.



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