The Top Five Streetwear Fashion Brands of 2016

The Top Five Streetwear Fashion Brands of 2016

As men, we rarely go shopping as women. That statement is obviously a statement of the past, because now, men are just as bad as the female stereotype. It’s not only Jordan and other hot shoes any more, but it’s actually clothing. Not only are they’re just clothes to, but they’re expensive brand names. It’s accustomed to hear, “ Bro, did you cop them new Yeezy’s that dropped the other day? That Bape hoodie was fire too.” In other words, “ Bro did you just buy a pair of $1,200 pair of shoes? That $100 hoodie looks good too.”

Streetwear continues to get harder resist because streetwear brands now accommodate the consumer, and gives  the best of what people are wearing in the streets, and what we want from the higher fashion brands. This is only one aspect of streetwear clothing that actually makes it so appealing to us regular urban youth, trying to be fly. But, to be a premier streetwear brand, the brand must first show lots of originality. It is essential for these brands to not always continue the hype trends of the seasons, but to incorporate new ideas that the consumer has not seen yet. This is what Kanye West incorporated in his Yeezy brand. Who did you see incorporate long line, rugged, simplistic looks into their products the way Kanye did? No one. That is why Yeezy is such a premier streetwear fashion brand. As of now in 2016, you see everyone trying to copy off of Kanye’s concept. Some work, but most fail horribly. And the reason why Yeezy works is because, Kanye West has his own original ideals that is displayed in his garments. Furthermore, another facet that needs to be considered is the brand’s taste. Taste is essential in knowing what the consumer wants, being able to conceptualize new trends before they surface, and making your ideas look aesthetically appealing. Brands can have their pieces that are wowing, but having the essentials to the average consumer is key.

With Further ado, The Top 5 Streetwear Brands of 2016

Fear of God:

Founded by Jerry Lorenzo in 2012, Fear of God has been renowned for its oversized fit and elongated figuration in its look. Lorenzo draws inspiration from religious imagery, but still incorporates contemporary hip-hop with 90’s grunge looks to give an unique style to his brand. The brand is virtually mentioned everywhere, and is indulged in popular culture. From top artist mentioning it in songs, to basketball athletes wearing it off the court, Fear of God can be seen to be lively in urban culture.


First heard of in 2013, Kanye West’s Yeezy Seasons and Collections have been ground zero for streetwear inspiration everywhere. From his torn, simplistic, oversized clothing, to its “Kenyesque” inspirations (such as music being a heavy contributor), Kanye has made a fashion brand that is iconic in every sense. Though being known for oversized and rugged, its style incorporates fluid silhouettes and muted, earth tones in its coloring. It brings an outstanding street look to the precipice of the fashion industry. Not only has itbrought Yeezy to the limelight, but most prominently, it unearthed the releases of his Yeezy shoe collection in 2015. Weather they are 350’s, 720’s, or 350 V2’s, Yeezus himself demonstrated his artistic vision, and made a shoe that everyone wants. Celebrities and the regular consumers alike all bought into the well deserved hype of the Yeezy shoe collection, which took the shoe game by storm in recent years.


Established by Ronnie Fieg in 2011, Fieg’s philosophy is to give the consumer more than what they pay for. Kith operates on two spectrums. Primarily, to be a multifaceted lifestyle brand for both men and women, and to be a reforming retail company. These ideals merge their own premium clothing product in array with multi branded footwear. One aspect of their brand is to push barriers to deliver and exclusive experience.

A Bathing Ape:

Having been establish in the heat of Tokyo, A Bathing Ape (BAPE) has been a leading icon in streetwear fashion for 23 years. Since its inception in 1993, BAPE strives to introduce to the world Japanese urban fashion culture. It has thus far coined iconic logos that are associated with the brand, such as the “BAPE Ape Head,” “BAPE Camo,” and the “Shark Hoodie.” Not only limited to Tokyo, but the brand can be sold in the US, UK, HK, China, and other various Asian countries. It’s mentioned in songs by popular artist who pushed the brand even further internationally, gaining more prominence and even collaborations.


The New York-based brand founded by Scott Sasso created a highly detailed enhanced take on traditional sports and workwear. 10 Deep’s mission is to involve interplay ,and meshing of the New York community. Being inspired by the visual and musical niches of New York and cities alike, 10 Deep hopes to evolve its brand, just as the evolution of the scenes of the city changes as well.

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