Please, give me your strength.

Throughout anime, almost all the main characters defeated their enemies with a move that they can always count on. This move is done in every fight and is their go-to when things get rough. So the crew at Hype-fresh decided to come up with five anime finishers we all love.

5. All-Might: United States of Smash  

Not only one of the best finishers, but some of the best scenes use to get to it. The emotional story of the quirk “One for All” is a story that’s worth the wait. We get a short story on its power and how it came to be when All-Might unleashes his strongest attack on the evil All for One.

As All-Might and “All for One” duke it out, they reach a stalemate. They both are equal match until All-might reaches down to hos true power to unleash a hit that broke concrete enough to damage the earth and air pressure so strong that it can rip clothes off. Yes, that’s the power of the United States of Smash.

4. Monkey D. Luffy: Gum-Gum Attacks

With a wide arrange of attacks, Monkey D. Luffy has the arsenal to get the job down. Always developing and coming with new Gum-Gum attacks, this Monkey always has a rubbery trick up his sleeve.

Using his unique ability giving to him by the gum-gum fruit, Luffy can use his rubber body for offense and defense. His power stretch attacks were able to beat some of the toughest foes in the pirate world with a power-hitting finisher.

3. Goku: Spirit Bomb 

The power of a spirit bomb holds no equals. This attack is Goku’s final resort if his iconic Kamehameha doesn’t work. Even though the only character that this attack worked on was Majin Boo, it still gave its foe a battle that they knew would end them if it was to hit.

Goku would gather life or spirit energy from living beings near him to make a giant energy orb. This orb was so devasting that his enemies could since its destructive power and knew that this is one they have to evade.

2. Meliodas: Full Counter 

In a world of magic, this finisher is one of the most useful ones in anime series. Meliodas was already a high physical protagonist who can match strength with anyone. To top it off, him having the power to reflect the enemy’s magic attack at them stronger than before can make things worst.

Just with one swing and the usage of the magic words full counter, Meliodas can send back magical attacks 10x its original release.

1. Saitama: Serious Punch

Saitama using Serious Punch and its effects: One- Punch Man. It’s crazy how Saitama can punch the atmosphere. I mean, look at the picture. Even though that’s his serious punch. It may not be the full extent of gis power. Saitama rarely gets serious because the enemy dies to fast when he gets serious.

Due to do basic exercises: 100 push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and a 10km run, he was able to become the strongest anime character of all time. With just one serious punch and no charge up time, Saitama can know the air out of the world with no problem.

That’s it, people. That is our top 5 anime finishers. If you enjoy or think we miss some comments below and let us know. Also, make sure to check out our other anime articles on HypeFresh.



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