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    We Struggled To Pick Top 5 Kicks Off This 90’s Sneaker Chart

    How could anyone narrow down any favorites kicks of the ’90s? It was so many classics dropped in this era, it almost seems impossible to do.

    After debating in our Philly office for hours, our staff has compromised on our favs from this list. Though we wanted to say all of these make the cut, we could only agree to five picks.

    1. Converse Aero Jam Larry Johnson

    Iconic. Legendary. Nostalgic. Nothing beats the legend on Larry Johnson’s Grandma Mom. Let alone Johnson’s superior playing capabilities.
    We Struggled To Pick Top-1Remember Larry Johnson as “Grandma Mom”?

    2. Air Jordan XI “Space Jams”

    Michael “Air Jordan” made his debut in the classic Looney Tunes film “Space Jam”. Overall, we were kids growing up seeing this heroic effort by the G.O.A.T. Especially the game-winning dunk against the “Monstars”.
    We Struggled To Pick Top-2

    3. Adidas “Krazy 8’s”

    When Kobe Bryant came to the league as a rookie, no one knew what to expect. Above all, people wondered if he’d be the next best thing? 5 NBA Championships rings later, we’d all agree he was. His legacy all started in these bad boys right here.

    4. Reebok Question Mid White/Red (Allen Iverson)

    Allen Iverson came in the game and destroyed plenty ankles with these on his feet. Including G.O.A.T. Michael “Air Jordan”.  Furthermore, being the re-inventor of the “Crossover” move, (originated by Tim Hardaway Jr.) his claim to “legendary status” put him on top in these.
    We Struggled To Pick Top-3

    5. Nike Air Flight Huarache

    These were made popular by many basketball greats. Without any doubt, the Nike Air Flight Huarache is one of the greatest basketball sneakers ever created. Furthermore, why? Because of it’s innovative technology designed by the man responsible for every Air Jordan ever created on the planet – Tinker Hatfield. Hence, it’s interior technology is still being used in today’s basketball sneakers to this day.
    We Struggled To Pick Top-4

    In conclusion, what is your favorite sneaker of all time? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to


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