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    Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Leave

    Life is all about growth, experience, and the ability to handle tough situations. Many people take it for granted, but it can become costly in the long run.

    Love and dating are no different. Relationships are presumably built off interaction, compatibility, and comprehension of one’s self. Often times, we see couples who constantly argue or end up in unhappy situations. To make sure that you don’t end up in an unwanted relationship, I have identified the top 3 reasons why you should leave!!


    Growing up, we were taught right from wrong. As we continued to travel into adolescence, it became quite clear that lying was common among our peers. One day it finally hit me that as an adult, it’s not necessarily about right or wrong, but about people being able to handle the consequences of their actions. Once I learned this concept, I realized that our words and actions have a bigger influence than most people realize. No one likes to be lied to, even if the lie is at the benefit of sparing one’s feeling. The ultimate turmoil that lying leaves tend to do more damage than help. Lies ultimately leads to deception, confusion, and a sour relationship.

    Inability to trust.

    Many people consider trust one of the main components needed in order for a relationship to be concrete. Without trust, we are unable to mentally focus on the positive aspects of the relationship. If you are an insecure person, it’s best that you are not in a committed relationship. Why? For whatever the reason you don’t trust, it ultimately ends up a burden for both.

    We’re all adults here. Having to routinely check in with our “other half” is a hindrance. If you have an attractive girlfriend or boyfriend, you have to accept that chances are, others will find them just as attractive. Saving yourself from being paranoid can be difficult, but it usually reveals the flaws of the person who has trust issues. The solution is simple. Build with your mate on all tiers to ensure that you have open communication and more important trust!!


    From Dr. Phil to The Maury Show, we are constantly reminded of why relationships tend to fail.  We all have dreams and aspirations to become someone great to make our parents proud. But this dream will ultimately affect our relationship. It can cause inconvenience for our mate when our dream requires long distance. When we communicate, it’s important to share and explain our vision, and how he/she fits into it. The dynamic becomes a power struggle when the girlfriend/boyfriend cannot identify if they will play a role of support while we chase our dream. So word to the wise: If that cannot be articulated, it’s in your best interest to leave!!

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