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    Top 3 Rap Albums from June 2020 So Far

    2020 Has Seen A Lot of New Rap

    So far 2020 has been a year full of new music.There have already been albums put out by a range of rappers including Eminem, Lil Baby, and Lil Uzi Vert among others. June hasn’t seen the trend of new hip-hop slowing down. Check out the below list to see what the top 3 rap albums from this month have been so far.

    3 Hip-Hop Albums from June 2020 to Check Out

    3. iann dior I’m Gone

    iann dior released his second official album last week, I’m Gone. The album brings a Juice-WRLD type of vibe. I could definitely picture Juice dropping a verse on the song “Sick and Tired” ft. Machine Gun Kelly & Travis Barker. The album covers heart-break, drug-use, and mental illness.

    iann dior fits the vibe of the emo rappers, but definitely brings his own take on things. There is a range of quality beats on this album that dior skillfully flows over with catchy bars. You can enjoy more of a light vibe on songs such as “Paradise” and “Pretty Girls”. Give the music video for “Pretty Girls” a watch below.

    2. Flatbush Zombies now, more than ever

    The Flatbush Zombies blessed up fans with a six-song EP titled now, more than ever. The EP opens with some typical Zombie-type tracks that feature the crew going off on beats crafted by Erick Arc Elliot. The song “dirty elevator music” showcases Meechy Darko’s crazy flow highlighted by his unique voice.

    Erick Arc Elliot did a great job producing the album, further proving his talents. The EP features a few songs that cover deeper content, including the anxieties that the members feel about life. now, more than ever closes out with one such track “when i’m gone” feat. Sophie Faith.

    1. Run the Jewels RTJ4

    The timing of the release for Run the Jewels newest album, RTJ4, is quite fitting. The album was released on June 3rd, coinciding with nationwide protests against police brutality. RTJ4 covers topics of major racial injustices that continue to persist throughout the United States.

    Killer Mike and El-P bring firey energy across all songs on this work. In a recent interview with Variety, Killer Mike described the emotions they went for on RTJ4 as, “We wanted something that felt alive joyful, rapturous and angry”. The duo caps off the album with “a few words”. This song offers a deeper look into the worries and troubles that are on the group’s mind.

    Final Thoughts

    As the above albums show, June has already been a great month for new rap music being released. The above list showcases just some of the music that is being released this month. There are still several upcoming rap albums to look out for. Big names such as Max B, Earl Sweatshirt, and more will be releasing albums within the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned on HypeFresh for future reviews of these projects once they drop.

    What do you guys have to say though?

    Do you agree with the above list of the top 3 rap albums from June 2020 so far? If so which album is your favorite? If not what rap/hip-hop album do you believe is missing from the list? And what are some of your other favorite songs by Run the Jewels, Flatbush Zombies, and iann dior?

    Let us know what you think in the comments.


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