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    Top 3 Dope Sneakers Drop Today, Why You Should Cop ‘Em.

    It’s sneaker day. Today, there are three dope sneaker releases that are vying for attention and your pocketbook. Which one should you grab? That is, if you are unable to buy all three, which most of us cannot. Well, it depends on what you are looking for. The following sneakers bring speciality sharpness, everyday bold, and feminine delicacy. Let’s take a closer look in the style of each shoe and listen to the inspiration behind them and no doubt, you will find your perfect sneaker. 

    Jordan Zion 1 “Marion”

    Jordan Zion 1
    Jordan Zion 1 “Marion” Nike | Jordans| Zion

    Colors:White / Hyper Pink / Dark Beetroot / Metallic Silver

    Jordan Zion 1 sneaker uses bright contrasting colors and sharp edges in the design. Dark beetroot looks stunning against the metallic Silver. The pink assentuates the design and gives it a light and fun look.

    Zion inspired the sneaker based on memories he had of the area he went to school as a child, specifically the small city that encapsulated the school. According to Zion, the balances the beauty and persistence of the lotus flower. The lotus flowe is symbolic of the way Zion’s dreams blossomed back in those tough yet formative days. 

    These sneakers will run you $120 but with the heart and strong design element, these sneakers are sure worth the investment. This will be the shoe to stunt with and for special events, not an everyday shoe as the specialness of the design wil be lost on an everyday wear. 


    Converse G4 “Hyper Swarm” PE

    Converse G4 “Hyper Swarm” PE Converse | Draymond Green

    Colors: University Gold/Black-Gum

    The gold and black bee-like asthetic is both bold and bright.  The colors work well to draw out the yellow in Green’s Golden State Warrior uniform. A move from Nike to Converse isn’t that extreme as Converse or “Chucks” were synnomonous with ball players prior to Jordan. “Hyper Swarm” sneakers are clean in their design. It’s simple and bold and the converse star is prominent in black across a bright yellow gold canvas. The edges are black where the yellow ends and black inside the sneaker. This is a sneaker you can wear often as it’s simple design puts it in classic territory. 

    The “Hyper Swarm” sneakers retails for  $110, which is not a bad price given how simple and bold the shoe finishes. It’s a sneaker that will no doubt become a staple classic.


    Nike Vapormax Flyknit 2021


    Colors: Light Arctic Pink/Iced Lilac/Summiit White

    The Womens’ sneaker retails for a pricey $200 but if delicate, feminine, and slender style sneaker is what you are looking for, it delivers it in spades. 

    Nike’s FlyKnit base introduces a subtle greyscale detailing but it doesn’t take over the sneaker as the pink stays dominent. The knitted style, itself blances the delicate design to keep it from appearing to clunky and more slender and form fitting. Flyknit brand sneaker appears to be rose color, monochromatic at first glance. However, upon a closer inspection, there are the greyscale elements that keep the sneaker feminine and delicate colorway. The clunky grounding undershoe is done in a blueish-gray seethrough underlay with a confetti style appearance with pink, grays, and white. 


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