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    Top 15 Hip Hop Collab Albums That Need to Happen

    Hip hop has seen no shortage of talent over the years, but one thing hip hop needs more of is rappers collaborating and making a joint album. Here are the top 15 hip hop collaborative albums  that would shake the hip hop world.

    Kendrick Lamar and J Cole

    I mean, does this even need to be explained? It would be like the present day version of a joint album from Biggie and Pac.

    Kid Cudi and Frank Ocean

    “Day ‘N’ Nite” X “Thinkin bout you” their styles would compliment each other amazingly, whether they choose to fix what isn’t broken, or if they decide to challenge each other (and themselves) to make something revolutionary.

    Desiigner and Future

    I mean… with their attention grabbing voices and insane beat selections, how wouldn’t this duo rock the world?

    Travis Scott and Kanye West

    Two amazing artists with crazy production skills and a deep understanding of auto tune, enough said.

    Uzi and T-Pain

    This duo would be insane with their energy packed auto tuned vocals. The songs would undoubtedly be bangers.

    Lil Wayne and Lil Baby

    This one is way overdue, the way these two can tear a beat to shreds (without needing ad libs or a catchy hook) is unmatched. These two would make a CLASSIC.

    Kendrick and Andre 3000

    Despite not dropping an album in forever, 3000’s features have been off the charts for over a decade now. A collaboration with him and Kendrick may only be possible if the project sounded like a Kendrick album featuring 3Stacks on every song. Imagine an Andre 3000 verse on every track on To Pimp a Butterfly. Yeah… fire!

    Uzi and Playboi Carti

    Just listen to “Wokeuplikethis” and tell me I’m wrong.

    Trippie Redd and Juice WRLD

    Juice WRLD is the only deceased artist on this list (hopefully it stays that way long after this is published) and he was added because he has made more music in his unbelievably short career than most rappers make in 15 years. His posthumous feature on “Matt Hardy” by Trippie Redd makes me confident that Trippie Redd could make a great project if given a handful of Juice WRLD verses. RIP to Juice!

    Drake and Lil Wayne

    Does this even need to be explained? These two juggernauts have given us many songs over the years, but that doesn’t mean that an entire joint project wouldn’t be appreciated. Here is one of the more relaxed and more underrated songs by the two legends.

    Sofaygo and Lil Tjay

    Two young, very talented artists that would make some nice sounding melodic hits together. With both artists being only 21 years old, it would be a nice challenge for the two to put their creativity to the test in a collaborative effort.

    Rema and Davido

    These two are technically not hip hop, but they are a part of “the culture” and have made some amazing sounding Afro pop music, occasionally with hip hop artists/influence. The two Nigerian artists make music that is impossible not to like, and I’m 100% sure their energy would mesh well on a joint album.

    Beyonce and Travis Scott

    The reason behind my desire for these two is simple: I want to hear Beyonce rap more in her verses, and I want to see what Travis decides to do creatively with Beyonce’s vocals when she inevitably sings on the collaborative piece.

    Uzi and Swae Lee

    These two have an ear for making hits in a higher octave, combining their talents would be like combining infinity stones.

    Jay-Z and Pusha T

    2 artists that have developed a name for themselves by just talking that real sh*t. Many lyrics about the harsh realities of the street life and drug dealing; coupled with their almost complete disinterest in melodies, adlibs. This joint album would be full of profound lines that would be studied for years to come.

    That concludes the top 15 hip hop collaborative albums we need to hear. What 2 rappers would you want to make a project together? What rappers on this list do you think would work really well together? let me know your thoughts below!


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