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    Top 10 Upcoming Rappers Of 2021

    It goes without saying that each new generation comes out new and fresh-faced emcees. Every new generation of rappers brings something new to the table. Whether that’s spit-firing bars or finding innovative ways of storytelling, new emcees are changing the face of rap music. While 2020 introduced us to some cool cats, 2021 has immersed fans into a whole new world of talented artists. These top 10 upcoming rappers certainly know how to make any song fire.

    1. Lakeyah Danaee

      via HipHopDX

    Born and raised in Milwaukee, Lakeyah Danaee started and finished 2020 with a huge bang. She’s even had the pleasure of working with 42Dugg and City Girls on tracks off her 2020 album Time’s Up. Her versatile skills made her a star in 2020, and looks as though it will continue into 2021.

    1. 42Dugg

      Speaking of 42Dugg, the Detroit-based talent has vastly become a household name in the rap game. Having gone viral after releasing tracks “The Streets” and “STFU”, the 25-year-old makes quite the impression. The Detroit rapper will be playing in the big leagues in 2021.

    2. Day Sulan

    Furthermore, bilingual rapper Day Sulan also continues to make big waves in the rap scene. She became the first female signee to YG’s 4Hunndit label and keeps releasing hit after hit. Check out her Bailar music video.

    1. Sheff G

      via XXL Mag

    Some rappers have the whole package; originality, authencity and can influence others. Brooklyn rapper Sheff G has done more than just released a few good tracks. He’s a major player in borough’s drill scene.

    1. Erica Banks

    Erica Banks hasn’t reached Sheff G’s elite status yet. Though, she does have the world eating out of the palm of her hands. Fans may remember the Dallas rapper’s TikTok viral 2021 hit “BussIt”, which has gone on to receive millions of streams.

    1. BLSXT

    The rap scene has plenty of new artists to offer. Though, very few emcees have had the pleasure of being mentored by the likes of Kanye West and Pharrell Williams. Los Angeles rapper BLSXT is one lucky rapper to have worked with these HipHop giants. Additionally, he’s on his way to becoming a legend himself in 2021.

    1. BIA

    Female emcee BIA also acted as a protégé to the great Pharrell Williams. What captured the HipHop giant about the bilingual rapper had been her individuality and uniqueness. BIA isn’t afraid to be herself.

    1. Yung Bleu

    With so much talent in the rap scene, it’s hard to stand out in a crowded genre. Though, Young Bleu has no issues with capturing audiences with his intoxication melodic flows. The young artist just breaths the word talent.

    1. Armani Caesar

      via Forbes

    When it comes to being beyond talented, there’s no words to describe the genius behind Armani Caesar’s rap flow. The Buffalo rapper spits bars like fire over dope beats, but does it with class and grace. How does she do it?

    1. Toosii

    Saving the best for last, 21-year-old Toosii has managed to achieve the impossible. The emcee scored his first gold RIAA certification for “Love Cycle” featuring Summer Walker since first hitting the rap scene. No doubt artists have been asking him for a feature since.


    What do you think of these artists? Will you listen to them in 2021?




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