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    27 Latinx Businesses To Support During Hispanic Heritage Month

    Hispanic Heritage Month is an annual celebration from September 15 to October 15 that commemorates the history, culture, and influence of Hispanic Americans. If you’re looking for a way to celebrate the Latinx community, then consider supporting these amazing brands and businesses.

    Below are 27 Latinx businesses that you may have never heard of but should definitely support.

    1. Rizos Curls

    Created by influencer Julisa Prado, Rizos Curls is a Latina-owned haircare brand that embraces different types of curly hair using quality and natural ingredients.

    2. Midas Cosmetics

    Midas Cosmetics is an Afro-Latina cosmetics brand founded by Rocio Nuñez. Its also a vegan and cruelty-free makeup that is centered on diversity and inclusion.

    3. Honey Baby

    Founded by a mom of three, Aisha Ceballos-Crump, Honey Baby is a Latina-Owned hair and skincare line for naturals. This homemade product line is targeted towards mothers trying to find effective products for kids with different textures.

    4. The Chingona Box

    Next is the Chingona Box, a monthly subscription box filled with special made items by Latin Brands. This brand supports Latin hustlers.

    5. Happy V

    This wellness brand curates products to help women obtain healthier lifestyles. In addition to procuring vaginal health products, Happy V supplies women with educational content.

    6. Book Landia

    This is a book subscription company owned by mom and homeschool teacher, Maceo Cabrera Estevez. Her mission is to provide quality Spanish bilingual books for children.

    7. CUT + CLARITY

    Founded by Mariana Russo Chambers, this fine jewelry brand is full of high-quality and personalized pieces. This brand prioritizes sustainability by focusing on products that are good for the environment.

    8. Yo Soy Afro-Latina

    Founded by Bianca Kathryn, Yo Soy Afro-Latina mission is to empower Black women. Through household and clothing items, this brand celebrates Black women.

    9. Vela Negra

    Aisha Cort uses personal expression and her Latin heritage to curate her brand. As the founder of Vela Negra, Aisha uses unique fragrances and vegan soy wax to make her candles.

    10. Lila Suds Soaps

    The eco-friendly soap brand gives LUSH a run for its money. Owned by Fashion designer and artist Desirée, this handcrafted luxury brand is filled with gift sets and soaps.

    11. The Lit. Bar

    Founded by Bronx Native, Noëlle Santos, this is an accessible bookstore that addresses the unique needs of the community.

    12. Luna Magic

    Lifestyle and beauty brand Luna Magic was founded by sisters Mabel and Shaira Frías. The brand emphasizes bold colors and various color palettes.

    13. The Bonita Project

    The Bonita Project is PR Agency working to break cultural glass ceilings.

    14. Hija de tu Madre

    This Lifestyle brand’s mission is to “Latinx-ify” fashion. They also emphasize entrepreneurship and community.

    15. XIO Jewelry

    This jewelry company provides a monthly subscription with a few unique pieces.

    16. Azteca Negra

    Azteca Negra curates indigenous and African-inspired textile, jewelry, and novelty pieces.

    17. Valdé Beauty

    Valde beauty is a vegan and cruelty-free refillable lipstick brand.

    18. Latinx with Plants

    This plant and gardening store uses memes and plants to celebrate people of color.

    19. The Writing Shop Co.

    This stationery company displays Afro-Latina pride for all its products.

    20. Hello Eana

    Hello Eana brand produces handmade clay statement earrings.

    21. Quiero Prints

    Quiero Prints is a stationery and gift shop inspired by Spanglish and Latinx roots.

    22. Selva Negra

    Selva Negra is a fashion brand that prioritizes size inclusivity and sustainability.

    23. Elaluz

    Elaluz is a luxury skincare brand that focuses on sustainability and procuring clean ingredients.

    24. Lucky No. Candles

    Lucky No. Candles is a scented candle company made from coconut soy wax. Each candle is made with a crystal and scent that corresponds to its numerological assets.

    25. Calivolve

    Calivolve is a 100% vegan luxurious cannabis brand. The brand specializes in procuring CBD chocolate that helps with anxiety.

    26. Luiny

    This Latinx jewelry line founded by self-taught designer Luiny Rivera uses silver and gold to create minimalist pieces.

    27. The Juicy Leaf

    Is an eco-friendly boutique that sells plants and gifts. The Juicy Leaf designs terrariums and succulent arrangements along with glass pottery.


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