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    Birdman Better Watch Out!! Toni Don’t Love Ya Bruh!!

    Toni Braxton is one of the most talented singers you will ever hear from the 90’s. The beautiful songstress made her mark in the industry with hit after hit, creating a solid career.

    Everyone was shocked a couple of years ago when it was confirmed that publicly that the singer was dating Cash Money CEO, Brian Birdman Williams. They must be good at hiding out the media as it was confirmed that the two were friends for nearly two decades prior to getting into a relationship.

    Even after the announcement of her engagement, many of her fans had unanswered questions. Much of the focus has been on Birdman as of lately on the legal end of Cash Money records.  The record label has gotten a bad rep for not paying people what they’re owed over the years.

    On her interview on the Wendy Williams Show, she confirmed that Mr. Williams has her on a time limit to set a wedding date. “We almost had a date, well we had two dates, but we were doing Braxton Family Values,” stated Braxton after showing off her mountain of an engagement ring. “And we were going through a little drama, and I was like, ‘Okay the wedding is a good thing to get all of us sisters together,’ but I couldn’t get us all together. I said the wedding is not a good reason because it’s messing up my relationship a little bit. He’s was like come on Michelle set a date.” Braxton then tells the audience that Birdman doesn’t call her by her first name, and that Michelle is her middle name. “He said before the year is out, so I have a couple weeks.” Check out the full interview below.

    Is it us or does Toni not seem to sure about this official wedding?



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