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Tommie Lee Goes Back to Jail After Arriving Drunk to Court

There are a few things you just don’t do when appearing in court, and showing up wasted should be one of them.

Unfortunately, a Love & Hip Hop star, Tommie Lee, didn’t get the memo. According to Page Six, the TV reality actress came to her court hearing under the influence of alcohol. The publication reports that she was immediately asked to take a drug and alcohol test. Lee’s blood alcohol content was apparently 0.16— twice the legal limit.

Afterward, the judge placed Lee under arrest. She remains in Cobb County, Georgia, where she may stay until her next trial starts.

Lee initially showed up to court in regards to her child abuse case. It’s said that Lee shoved her daughters head into a metal locker while visiting the child’s school. That incident happened last October. Since then, Lee admits that she hasn’t been seeking the help she needs. However, with her last arrest, she says she’s ready to start.

“I’ve been working really hard through my problems considering the challenges that’s been set before me since I’ve been home,” she said. “I’ve done all that I can do on my own to shake my habits but I do realize that I need help and I am currently seeking treatment.”

If found guilty on all 7 charges, Lee is looking at up to 54 years behind bars.

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