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    Tom Brady News: Did He Go Out Right?

    How poetic was it to see proud Trump supporter, Tom Brady lose on MLK Day? Real ones know not to overstay your Florida visit, which might explain why things aren’t fun for him anymore. It’s a chance that Monday night might be the last time we see the legendary Tampa Bay quarterback just played his last game of professional football.

    Still Gas Left In The Tank

    It’s common knowledge that regressing with age is normal and expected. It’s a part of the game. But to see someone throw a career 735 touchdowns and walk away from the game with gas in the tank is unheard of. But after that sad-ass performance against the Cowboys, I fully expect him to pick up right where he left off next season. It’s only right.

    I say all of that to say, I can only see this happening if he finds the right destination. Brady has a no-tag clause in his contract. This means he’s guaranteed to become an unrestricted free agent for this offseason. I’m almost certain that he won’t return to Tampa Bay after seeing how their season played out. I personally rather see him retire than subject himself to a shitty team.

    Writing On The Wall

    Even though the writing is on the wall that it’s time for Brady to retire, I don’t see it happening. He’s sacrificed so much to not go out on top. Not too many people are willing to sacrifice their wife and family for a chance at a championship. Maybe he’ll be the first 50-year-old pro football player.

    Whatever happens, prepare yourself for an eventful off-season.


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