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Tom Brady Must Be Smoking That Crack, Because He’s Charging Big Bucks for an Autograph!

It pays to be one of the best in football…just ask Tom Brady.

The New England Patriot’s star quarterback is charging an alarming amount of money for his autograph. But after securing six Super Bowl wins for the team, he probably feels as if he’d be cheating himself if he didn’t charge so much. According to TMZ, Brady is charging fans a little over $1,000 for his signed memorabilia. But let’s be clear, there are some die-hard fans out there who’d be willing to pay twice that amount if Brady changed his mind.

What makes the event so cool is that fans can get whatever personal item they want to be signed by the athlete. TMZ located a poster that describes some of the examples, along with a set price for each.

The poster assures fans that some items will cost a minimum of $1,049 each, while other items, like original artwork, will cost a maximum of $2,199 each. However, all that money being forked over does not guarantee a person the opportunity to meet Brady. Unfortunately, the signing will be restricted to the public. As it turns out, the company handling the event is requiring fans to mail in all merchandise.

The last day to ship in any merchandise was March 10. Tom Brady fans can expect to receive the items back in the mail at a later date.

Thoughts? Would you pay over $1,000 for a Tom Brady autograph? Share your response below.

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Featured Image Credit: US magazine 

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