Tiny “Harris” of XScape Sayin’ “Can You Make It TIP” !!

Tiny “Harris

Most recent news hit the press about this dynamic Hip Hop entertainment team Tiny and Tip is the gifting present she received this Christmas.

Allegedly, T.I. gave Tiny a luxury car and Christian Louboutin shoes on her birthday back in July. Tip took it one step further this Christmas by surprising Tiny with a gold and DIAMOND personalized necklace of “Mrs.Harris”.

The engraved chain was a full surprise as Tip claimed not to favor “those type things”. Well, we know that Tiny Harris is beaming! It’s reported that although they are living under separate quarters, they continue to build and have a strong relationship, as supported through this “statement”. Apparently, it held a good deal of significance as Tip’s loving nickname is to refer to Tiny in endearment as Mrs. Harris.

Merry Christmas Tiny and T.I. !!!

What do you think of the gift? Guys, would you buy his for that special woman in your life? Please comment below and for more gossip, keep it locked to hypefresh.co!


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