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    MUSIC: Tink Talks About Working With Timberland

    Tink Talks About Working With Timberland

    20 year old, Chicago rapper Tink has came a long way from recording with her father in the basement. Now, working with the legendary producer, Timberland, she is slowly proving why she is one of the hottest up and coming female artist.

    The rapper/singer started her career performing at talent shows back home in the windy city. Alongside her were her mother and father who assisted her in the production of her first mixtapes. From there she flew to L.A. to meet Timberland who said that he received confirmation from the late Aaliyah saying that young Tink was “The one”.

    When MTV asked her how she feels about the post-humus recommendation, she went on to say,

    What I want people to really understand is that there will never be another Aaliyah and that’s not what he was trying to convey. He was saying was that Aaliyah came to him in a dream and gave him confirmation and I really do believe that that’s what happened.”

    Tink also tells MTV her feelings on working with Timberland and the influence that he provides.

    “Working with Timberland, he gives me insight, he throws me different ways to approach the beat and those extra tips go a long way,” she tells MTV on Thursday (April 2). “I know that he’s worked with some of the greats, so it’s just motivation. I feel inspired when we’re in the booth together.” She also tells MTV that she was incredibly nervous in meeting Timb for the first time.

    Tink’s debut album is said to be released later this year with its premiere single, “RatchetCommandments”.



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