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    Timothy Isaiah ‘FU’ Shows He’s The Truth

    Timothy Isaiah Drops Gems on “FU”

    How many times have you heard to never give up? From pastors to motivational speakers, everyone repeats the motivational mantra that we should always keep hope alive. It didn’t hit me until I discovered Timothy Isaiah and his music.

    Constantly Grinding

    Timothy Isaiah seems like someone willing to live and die by the grind. That means giving everything he’s got to achieve his dreams or die trying. He shows this by always going the extra mile in his efforts.

    It feels like Timothy isn’t scared to put in all the work that it takes to make it big. Every time I see him on social media, he’s doing something to help his career. That could be making reels/TikToks, freestyling over the hottest beats, or promoting his next live performance.

    I also have to mention based on the clips, he is no slouch when it comes to performing either. I watched a clip of him at the city of Atlanta’s Juneteenth Celebration and he showed that he is one helluva of a performer. Unlike most artists, he has a great stage presence and knows how to rock the crowd.

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    Witness Greatness

    I’m glad to see Timothy Isaiah put his effortless talent on display on his newest single “FU”. Some people are allergic to cats and peanut butter, but Timothy is allergic to the bullshit that is in the air. The dude didn’t care who’s feelings he hurt with his bars, and I like that unforgiving energy that he has in his raps.

    I wonder when Timothy finds time to sleep because based on his raps, he is always grinding. His new single let me know that he’s hungrier than ever and doesn’t plan on slowing down. 

    I don’t know what the future holds for Timothy, but if he keeps working at the rate he’s working, it’s a matter of time ’til they embed him with the greats. Check out the Atlanta rapper and his new single “FU”. Follow him on Instagram. And, let us know what you think by leaving a comment!


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