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    Why Is The Time Right For Lil Wayne’s Carter 6 Drop?

    Do you know what I hate the most? When someone continues to relive the past. I know it can be a tough pill to swallow, but you have to realize the past is the past for a reason. This brings me to Dwayne Carter, also known by his stage name, Lil Wayne.

    Special Surprise

    Naturally, fans wonder when Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter 6 will be dropping. Last week at the Young Money Reunion, Mr. Carter announced that the sixth installment of “The Carter” series would be coming very soon. After hearing the news, the reaction was split among fans. The announcement rejoiced some fans, while others felt the opposite.

    I think it’s easy to get blinded by nostalgia when you hear he’s bringing back “Tha Carter” series. So many people have fond memories of his music as many grew up with Lil Wayne and his music. But as we got older so did Lil Wayne, and it shows in his music. This isn’t the same Wayne from before. Will Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter 6 be a rebirth for the legendary rapper?

    Don’t Hold Your Breath

    I fear that he is trying to recreate the amazing run he went on in the 2000s. The problem is, I don’t think he realizes how insanely hard it is to do that over. What he did in 2008 with Tha Carter 3 may never be recreated again, not even by other artists.

    So, dropping the sixth installment of his legendary series after giving us two lackluster/forgettable albums with Trust Fund Babies and The Funeral has me worried, to say the least. I don’t want to see him ruin his legacy and all of what he’s built for another trash album, to say the least. Ideally, he should want to retire while still being remembered for all the great things he did instead of being remembered for making awful music at the end of his lengthy career.

    What are your thoughts on news of Tha Carter 6‘s impending release? Do you think Weezy F Baby should hang it up or are you excited about his new release? Let us know below.


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