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    TikTok: The Evolution Of The Influential Social Media Platform

    TikTok is much more than a social media site, it is a movement. The evolution of TikTok surpasses all other social media platforms, due to the world’s rapid exposure of technology. TikTok is a platform that showcases short videos by people all over the world. Becoming the next social media sensation is now easier than ever due to TikTok’s groundbreaking popularity. Facebook’s generation, the decade old fad would elevate the progression of social media platforms.

    According to ZD Net, in 2011, Facebook’s monthly page views would sum up a total of more than 1 trillion page views—monthly. Facebook’s popularity would reign for being a social media platform that allows the connection and interaction among family and friends. A decade later, TikTok drives the new generation stats through to high numbers as well, acquiring 1 billion active users. In contrast to Facebook’s media method, TikTok reigns for music.

    The popular fan craze is now available in 154 countries worldwide, in 75 different languages.

    A Deeper Look into TikTok and Where It Started

    If anyone remembers Musical.y, it is the social media app that would opt people to share lip-syncing videos. ByteDance, a Chinese tech company bought the app in 2018, merging it with Douyin. Douyin is also an app that users utilize for lip-syncing, according to 34st. TikTok was born out of this collaboration. With more than 1 billion active viewers per month, the social media app will only grow beyond measure.

    How to Become TikTok Famous

    @kayleecollins The things u see @Walmart 😭😭 #YerAWizard #greenscreen #MyAncestryStory #DoTheJuJu ♬ Unbanfred – Fred🦋

    Welcome to the new age! We are now existing in a technology-driven world, forcing everyone to catch up and keep up with the pace. TikTok is a front runner in technology, being the most popular talent exposing social media platform. While reading this article, there may be those who want to become famous by going viral. There are few tips to help those who are struggling with getting started on the trending app.

    According to Hootsuite, gathering a recognizable brand starts the successful journey of a new TikToker. The next step is finding what it is you want to broadcast. What is your niche? It is easier to gain a steady audience by finding one niche and sticking with it. Stay in the know. TikTok is driven by trends. In order to find your perspective place in the algorithm, one must keep content current with the trend. Make sure you are engaging with your followers. Give them their flowers and share their posts. The amount of love you reciprocate may surprise you.

    Does the New Fad Pose a Real Threat to the US?

    According the The Wall Street Journal, researchers would go ahead to warn the US about possible security breeches; however, nothing ever surfaced.

    Then president, Donald Trump denounced TikTok, forming a governmental alliance to ban TikTok from the US. The Trump administration would carry on a month-long of retaliative regulations from the Chinese government. However, when Trump did not win his reelection,  the saga was put on hold.

    The Biden administration is currently investigating evidence that will continue to warrant the ban.



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