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    Tik Tok Creator Nessa Barrett did Kiss Chase Hudson

    Charli D'Amelio throws shade at ex-boyfriend Chase Hudson | Dexerto

    On Monday afternoon, there was drama with some well known TikTok creators, regarding whether Charli D’Amelio got cheated on by Chase Hudson. Now that a few days have passed Nessa Barret confirms that she kissed Chase Hudon. Continue reading to find out whether the kiss was considered cheating or is there more to the story. 

    What are the people involved saying about this? 

    Nessa Barrett has made an official statement to People Magazine, saying the following: 

    “Yes, Chase kissed me & nothing else happened after that, I can speak for the both of us that it didn’t mean anything,”

    Chase Hudson, the person who is accused of cheating, tweeted out on Monday saying the following: 

    “All of this drama going on is because I kissed Nessa when we were both single”. 

    His ex, Charli D’Amelio, called him out over that tweet saying the following: 

    “Then you shouldn’t have come to my house after without telling me…”

    What is happening in the TikTok community? 

    Over the last few days, there has been a lot of drama circulating the TikTok community and creators. Seventeen magazines said that Chase went on to accuse multiple other TikTok stars of cheating on their significant others and many people had things to say about it.

    What is Nessa Barrett saying about all the drama? 

    Nessa has been relatively quiet about the drama, but she did release a statement to Seventeen magazines

    “I’m only going to speak on this matter once because there are far more important things happening in the world right now,” 

     She explained that she’s been getting a lot of hate online since everything went down and it’s gotten so bad that she’s considered quitting social media.

    What do you think of the recent TikTok Drama? 

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