Tigers Tiger King and That

Free Joe “The Tiger King” Exotic (not really)!

If you saw “The Tiger King” on Netflix then you know the rise and fall of this man, Joe Exotic. If not, then you need to watch it. This article will have spoilers, so if you want to know then read on, but if not, stop. I mean really, it is a joyous documentary. If I was to appreciate anything about this docu-series, then I would have to say, pace.

Tigers Tiger King and That-1The pace of this show is fantastic. It effortlessly shows how Joe’s life falls apart. However, he wasn’t the only star. The series puts the spot on a plethora of others that greatly affect Joe’s life. Firstly, we have Carole Baskin. She is Joe’s number 1 enemy and the reason why he is in jail. Secondly, we have Joe’s investor-con-man, Jeff Lowe, who “framed” Joe, so he can get his zoo. Lastly, we have Dr. Bhagavan Antle; who dealt with Joe for the purchase of tigers and other exotic animals. Watching Tiger King you get a basic idea of all three of these “characters”. You get their back story and see how crazy they all are.

For example, Dr. Antel was running a cult. He brings women to his palace and makes them an apprentice, so he can cloud their judgment to tell them what to do. In addition to that, the show left off with a statement that Mr. Antel uses euthanasia on his tiger cubs when they are not of any use to him. Hence, can introduce a series about him in the future.  Because it works for Carol Baskin, that bitch ( Joe said it, not us).

Carol Baskins’s side.

Recently, Netflix has decided to ride the wave of the Tiger King by releasing a sequel docu-series base off of Carole Baskin. Now, there are no details on what her series will be about, but if I would have to take a guess, then it would be about the same things on Tiger King.

We will dive into the life of this lady and how growth into the big cut queen she is. If Joe is the king, then she is the queen. They will talk about the rumors of her killing her ex-husband, Don Lewis, and if she killed him for his money. It will be an interesting series, but I don’t think that it will have an impact like Joe did. A reporter on the show said that Joe is good TV and she was right about that.

Why is Joe such a good Entertainer?

Tigers Tiger King and That-2Tiger King touches bases on all emotions. It will make you laugh, it will shock you, and it will just entertain you. Joe is a character. He is just all around and he is just over the wall. We explore his love life with his three husbands. Two at the same time. But we see how that affects them and how one of them accidentally kills himself because of his relationship with Joe. The crazy part is that 2/3 of the men he married are straight. They just fell in love with Joe because they had no place to go.

Tigers Tiger King and-3

The docu-series explores not only Joe but the people who loved him and who fucked him over. This documentary earns the praise it has now. It’s surprising on so many levels and overall, enjoyable. Every episode is unique in a special way and focuses on a character or characters of this bizarre tale.

The story smoothly goes from a tale of animals to a story of murder and framing. The pacing of the docu-series is excellent and the story is just all around enticing all around. The Tiger King only fails at the fact that Joe is the only one of these criminals who was put to jail.

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