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    Three Of Lizzo’s Most Controversial Song Lyrics

    Lizzo has recently battled criticism over some of her lyrics to her controversial new song, “Grrrls”. Despite the differences in slang and its associated meanings across cultures, fans from the U.K. believed that Lizzo had used a slur against people with disabilities. Because the association was inadvertent, Lizzo immediately changed the lyrics to her song and released an apology. Lizzo is not a performer who is known for being controversial, but some of her lyrics might be viewed as offensive with the interpretations of some listeners. Here are three Lizzo lyrics some could be offended by.

    1. “Grrrls”

    “I’ma go Lorena Bobbitt on him, so he never f*** again!” Arguably the most offensive thing about Lizzo is her pride and self-love. Lizzo inverts the power structure of the status quo on nearly a daily basis. While these lyrics are probably intended to be taken in jest, it is surprising that there was not more of a public outcry about the singer using an infamous assault case as a metaphor for her feelings.

    2. “Like a Girl”

    Woke up feelin’ like I just might run for President/Even if there ain’t no precedent, switchin’ up the messaging!” Lizzo knows what she is worth and what she is capable of. She doesn’t really care if you agree, but she hopes you can learn to do the same for yourself.

    3. “Exactly How I Feel”

    “I feel like hurtin’ they feelings/I don’t get mad, I get millions!” Lizzo is beloved because of her profoundly authentic public image. Once again, Lizzo doesn’t care how you feel about her loving herself.

    How do you feel about Black self-love? Do you think that the general public is harsher when it comes to the wrongdoings of darker-skinned celebrities?

    HypeFresh wants to know if these lyrics were controversial in your opinion? Let us know by leaving a comment.



    1. As far as “black self love” goes…. I personally believe we are all God’s Children and deserve love, especially self love. God does want us to care for and love the self but NOT at the expense of loving God first. As far as the “general public” goes… they tend to be the harshest critics of anyone but their own darn selves- so who cares what the GP thinks!
      Most of us are broken, right? So how do we fix ourselves? One thing we have to do is stop believing in all of the worldly lies that we have been told. Then we need to learn to love ourselves in an effort to heal this brokenness, however, if we indulge too heavily in self love, we will become narcissistic and that’s not healthy. So it’s about finding a healthy balance between self love and loving others; when we love God first, we have a better chance of loving ourselves and others in a healthy fashion.

    2. Honestly, I do NOT find any of the above three items to be offensive at all. I think the funniest of them all is the “Lorena Bobbitt” reference. For a very long time, I went without television, especially the News. So when the whole Lorena Bobbitt case took place I had zero clue of the matter. Flash forward about ten years later, and I am out to dinner with two married female friends, one of them, who had previously made a reference to Lorena Bobbitt whenever I would share my dating life details with her. She’d say, “If that were me, I’d pull a ‘Lorena Bobbitt’ on that dude!” For MONTHS, I had no idea WTF she was referring to. Until that dinner when she made the reference yet again. I asked her, “Who the F*&K is Lorena Bobbitt?! The two friends I was with could not wrap their heads around the fact that I had no clue who this woman they were referring to was. They describe to me what Lorena Bobbitt had done and I in turn, could not wrap my head around the incident. Until one day, I was able to view a documentary video on the case.
      For the record, I still avoid television and definitely the “news.”

      In all seriousness though, I really do love Lizzo!

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