Three Dates Action Bronson Should Consider For His Dating Series!

Three Dates Action Bronson

Action Bronson will host his third series with Vice, this time on their Snapchat channel. As Hungry Hearts with Action Bronson airsthese are the top three dates he should consider when playing match maker and curating dates.

1. Raid a Grocery Store

Couples are timed to go on a shopping spree at the grocery store and then have to make dinner together!
Three Dates Action Bronson-1

2. Stoner Cone

Build a cannabis infused ice cream cone together.
Three Dates Action Bronson-2

3. Hot Wings Challenge

How many flaming hot wings can you eat before you or your date taps out?
Three Dates Action Bronson-1
Any suggestions?

Feel free to comment below and be sure to check out Action Bronson’s new series Hungry Hearts with Action Bronson


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