This Smartwatch Lets Your Child Manage Their Own Time

Child Manage

Apparently kids lose track of time just like adults. They go though obstacles in life such as what time to play with their toys, go to the bathroom, watch their favorite cartoons, and even eating. They have come out with a kid modified Apple watch, because children need their time organized as well lol.

It’s called the Octopus by Joy and it is a Kickstarter campaign that has raised over $231,000 in pledges more than their $50,000 fundraising goal, which means that more than a few parents are concerned in developing good habits in their children. You can get all their information on how much you want to pledge to receive your Octopus watch for you child here.

Child Manage

Are we letting our children grow up too fast or is this a perfect tool to get them ready for the real world? Check out the advertisement below!


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