This Cool Umbrella Will Keep You “Stylishly Dry”

Stylishly Dry

Introducing the maharishi DPM: MAH.SAT Europe x senz⁶ Series 1. A german performance-driven umbrella designed to keep you “stylishly dry” in wicked rain storms.

A collaborative project between the London-based millitary fashion vet maharishi and umbrella label senz⁶.

One keynote to consider is it’s shape, which is designed to guide strong wind gusts up to 100 km/h over it’s surface with ease. Ultimately making it one of the most durable umbrellas ever created.

Featuring the classic DPM: MAH.SAT. Europe camo pattern, comes from the inspiration of satellite imagery, while involving evasion from government surveillance.

Grab one for yourself exclusively from
Stylishly Dry-1


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