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    This Bride Read Her Cheating Fiance’s Texts At The Altar For Revenge

    What goes around comes around they say. And this Australian bride-to-be saved her fiance’s slutty texts until she was standing at the altar.

    An Australian bride-to-be delivered this savage kill shot to her boyfriend of six years after she was given some disturbing news hours before their wedding ceremony.

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    Sounds confusing, but this will clear the air folks. Casey (the bride to be) retrieved screenshots from the mystery woman. Her fiance, Alex, was sending messages dated months ago and others just days prior.

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    When her friends insisted that she cancel the wedding, Casey had a more sinister plan in mind.
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    After that, Casey insisted that her guests join her for a celebration of honesty, finding true love and following their heart even when it hurts.” And then, everyone just left. As for Alex, he said nothing. He just left.

    What would you have done? Please comment below and in other culture and gossip news:

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