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    Things Heat Up, As Protesters Take to The Streets

    Things are once again heating up between local deputies and Los Angeles protester as people take to the streets to show their support of Dijon Kizzee.

    Killings of unarmed black men are not uncommon, but this story comes with a unique twist. On August 31, Dijon Kizzee was stopped by law enforcements after committing an unspecified moving violation on a bicycle. You heard right, a bicycle! Sheriff’s deputies opened fire after Kizzee punched one of them in the face, and then accidentally dropped his fire arm, which was concealed in a pile of clothes he was carrying. An attorney for Kizzee’s family said he was more than shot at 15 times.

    Recently Los Angeles Board of Supervisors passed a law to hold the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department accountable for their actions. The new motion would ensure that any task force charged with investigating police shooting, be overseen by a civilian public official to increase transparency.

    Just last year, the Board also approved a motion to increase and roll out body-worn cameras on sheriff deputies.

    On Monday, officers fired projectiles and sprayed tear gas at the crowds after authorities declared an unlawful assembly and ordered the demonstrators to leave. Individuals who did not comply were arrested. More than 35 people were arrested over four nights of civil unrest.

    Lately sheriff deputies have been criticized for using excessive force. Deputies have responded to protesters with sting balls and pepper balls.

    As accountability, transparency and excessive force continues to be an issue for law enforcement agencies and departments worldwide; civilians hope that change is imminent. What are your thoughts on recent protests? Tell us your story below.


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