Thief In The Night Keeps You “Guessing ” With Their Latest Visual

Keeps You Guessing

It isn’t everyday that we come across true and genuine artistry. At least not coming from the states, that is. Take a trip overseas, however, and you’ll enter into an entire different realm of creativity. UK producer, Thief In The Night, is that of which I am currently referring to.

In the first couple of moments when listening to his latest, Guessing. For the first time, you’re immediately intrigued by the repetitive sound that leads into Lauren Ashleigh’s airy vocals.

As if the music itself isn’t enough to spark your interest if you weren’t already a fan, the mysterious visual that accompanied its official debut will reel you in, indubitably. Thief In The Night went with a sense of bizareness for the visual effect of his bass-driven single.

Though it is nearly effortless to explain your interpretation of an experience, it is a proven fact that actions speak louder than words. Do yourself the pleasure of taking a jab at Thief In The Night’s debut single/video, Guessing.


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