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    “They Have A Fire”: An Interview With TT Banks

    Let’s get one thing out of the way: I love TT Bank’s books. I’ve read them several times. I will fight you over her books, because they’re just that good. So, when I had the opportunity to INTERVIEW TT, I jumped at it. Here’s her story.

    1. Tell me about yourself. Who are you? What’s your background?

    Hmmmm… I’m an avid coffee drinker and beer taster, if I see a dog in public – I’m going to be late for whatever is next on my schedule, because I need to pet it, and I am currently living in the Raleigh, NC area. I started writing in 2019 on a lark, and quickly realized that it is something that breathes air into my life.

    2. What do you write about?

    I write sassy, funny, sometimes scary, always sexy, fast-paced, action-packed, lesbian romantic thrillers… 

    So far, I’ve written three books: Breaking Protocol, Post-Mortem, and Dead On Arrival and all are romantic suspense or romantic thrillers with a central love story that is entwined in a murder mystery. 

    Breaking Protocol is about a police officer, Post-Mortem is about a medical examiner, and Dead On Arrival is about an EMT – all of the central characters know one another through work and each character is introduced (briefly) in the book prior… Book four (currently untitled) is about a firefighter.

    3. What challenges have you run into while writing?

    Time. Recently, I have had zero time to write… and when I finally carved out 30 minutes, I started outlining and it felt glorious. So, my number one challenge seems to be that there aren’t enough hours in the day – but I think life is just like that sometimes. I’m hoping to get some time to write over the holidays.

    1. What responses have you gotten from your writing?

    It’s a mixed bag! Usually people are surprised at how quickly they get sucked in and pulled along the story. Apparently, my style is very much, “grab you by the hand and drag you through the story.” 

    Maybe the biggest moment was when an individual thanked me publically for helping realize/admit/discover their truth or true self. 

    1. What advice do you have for other writers?

    Listen to the negative feedback. Don’t get bogged down in it, but try and look at it objectively. After writing my first novel, I got a few negative reviews that (at first) felt terribly personal. However, after I let the reader’s criticism digest, I tucked my tongue into my cheek and swore I could do better. So I came back swinging with Post-Mortem – and I think it made me a better writer. HOWEVER, this doesn’t mean that you can please everyone – for some, you will never be their cup of tea… and that’s okay.

    1. What else do you want to tell readers?

    I’m a self-published author, an indie author. And there are hundreds… thousands… of indie authors out there that are just waiting for you to read their books and leave them some feedback. I challenge you to try something new – someone that’s not mainstream. These are people that write, not for a paycheck, but because they have a fire burning in them that will not be quelled without putting words to paper

    Also… If you are looking for some other LGBTQIA+ books – please check out – they have an amazing and ever-growing list of authors and allies!

    And I’ll leave you all with my personal motto: Life is tough, so… Follow Your Dreams or F*ck It.


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