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    Thesis On Kim Kardashian Leads To A Master’s Degree??

    Over the years Kim Kardashian-West has used her popularity to influence people in many different facets.

    From fashion, to worldly issues Mrs. West has been the voice of people regardless of how you feel about her. Well now we can add that she has helped in the world of education!! A gentleman by the name of Corderro McMurry graduated school with a Master’s Degree.

    Here’s the kicker, he wrote a 68 page thesis on Kim Kardashian-West. The reporter took to Twitter to announce the joyous celebration of graduating. Kim was intrigued and even asked for a copy for herself. Of course we would like to take a look at it for ourselves. He also made sure to cite E-News and Hollywood Reporter as sources for the paper.

    A second individual came forward and claimed to have written a Thesis on Kim Kardashian as well!! We have to be honest and say that we never saw this coming.

    A thesis on Kim Kardashian is the last thing we would have ever thought to witness. Stay tuned to, for the latest in culture and music news!!

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