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    “There Was A Bullet Hole In Her Head”: A Sister’s Search For Justice

    “There was a bullet hole in her head at the funeral,” Shonta says over the phone. Her voice is full of pain. Shonta’s sister, SPC Kamisha Block, was murdered while serving as an active duty military police Army Soldier in Iraq. The military told Shonta and her family that SPC Block was killed by friendly fire. But, when Shonta saw her sister’s body, she knew something was wrong. Shonta launched a years-long search for justice, which is still ongoing. SPC Block was murdered.

        SPC Kamisha Block was murdered by her boyfriend, SSG Paul Norris. She’d been trying to end the relationship. He went to her room, ordered her roommate out, shot SPC Block, and then shot himself. “Three [Soldiers] reported my sister needed moving [from her platoon, where her boyfriend also was],” Shonta says. “One of the sworn statements, when [the Soldier] goes in to the First Sergeant, he tells him, you need to move Block, you gotta move Block… he got moved instead.” Tragically, it didn’t happen. Shonta says that the military covered up the facts to protect the chain of command. 

        Shonta managed to get the case reopened. Senator Tammy Duckworth’s office helped her get her sister’s medical information and the case report, although Shonta thinks medical documentation was deliberately destroyed. “They closed my case as soon as Vanessa [SPC Guillen] got killed,” she says. “Really what they were trying to do is shut it up… the Sergeant Major at Fort Hood was my sister’s first sergeant.” In an interview with the Stars & Stripes, Shonta says ““How are we going to get a fair investigation?…The constitution states justice for all citizens, the military isn’t above the law. Officers must be held accountable.” 

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