What Does The Y-3 x ACRONYM Concept Sneaker Tell Us About The Future of Footwear?

Does The Y-3 x ACRONYM Concept Sneaker Tell Us About

We talk a lot about the future. The future of transportation, ftre housing, future technology,but rarely do we talk about the future of fashion, footwear in particular. Originally conceived as an entry for the Pensole contest “Fusion of Footwear,” David Olivares has taken shoe design to the next level with his latest design of the Y-3 x Acronym winter boot. Dubbed the “Y-A FUYU HIGH,” will it be a trend in footwear or are we still decades behind this bold new approach of futuristic concepts?

As of late, it’s been all about sleek silhouettes with breathable knit construction, for the most part, but thanks to this new concept courtesy of David Olivares, we get a glimpse at what to possibly expect in the years to come.
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In the hopes of creating a “stylish” iteration that looks good, but is capable of withstanding severe weather conditions, the industrial and product design student brings together Y-3 and ACRONYM to present what he is calling the “Y-A FUYU HIGH.” The sneaker-boot hybrid boasts a notably angular shape, featuring a multi-layered system implemented for enhanced protection. Additional design elements then include hold-down straps, clip closure, and Boost sole tooling.

At first glance, the silhouette can be too unconventional to accept due to the angular, sharp and rigid lines which reflect the shape of an humanoid or android. But, if this is indeed the future of footwear, I suggest we accept it sooner than later.


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