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    The Weeknd Confirms New Album “After Hours”

    The Weeknd treated fans to new music last night with the release of his Title Track “After Hours.”

    The Weeknd’s dropped a new single titled “After Hours” last night, and his fans are already loving the track. “After Hours” is the title track for the Canadians fourth studio album

    First came the post, including the cover art and confirmation that previously released songs “heartless” and “blinding light” made the album. Then, the Weeknd kept true to his promise and released a brand new song.

    Fans of the singer have been waiting for a new album release since 2016 when Starboy came out. They did get a compilation project in 2018 in The Weeknd in Japan. However, nothing is quite like a new album from your favorite artist.

    March 20th is still about a month away, but at least fans know for sure that they can expect the album that day. In addition to dropping the new single and album cover, the Weeknd announced the release date for his upcoming album.

    The newly released single is definitely in the Style of the Weeknd. His distinctive voice comes in, letting fans know it’s him, while the melody and tempo of the song confirm what most people already know.

    Have you guys had a chance to listen to The Weeknd’s’ After hours single yet? If not, check it out above and let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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