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    The Truth Behind ‘Zola’s’ Twitter Story

    The Washington Post reported what appears to be stories from people who claim to know what really happened in the Zola story.

    One of them is “Z” aka 35-year-old Akporode Uwedjojevwe known as “Rudy Uwedjo” among his friends.

    Nineteen-year-old Jessica Lynn Forgie, who isn’t “Jess” from the story but it is another Jess who said she met Z in early April at a Reno hotel.

    “I’m sick and [expletive] tired of people backing Jessica up on the ZOLAstory and saying it’s a lie,” Forgie wrote on Facebook Friday. “No, it’s definitely the DAMN TRUTH & Jessica knows it. She did almost the same thing with me &Breeonna [Pella, her friend] … We were lucky to get out when we did.” A screenshot of the now-deleted post is below.

    Apparently when Forgie posted it on Facebook “Jess” and Rudy came to the Reno hotel to help Forgie and a friend. After that things got weird and Rudy demanded that Forgie make a profile on Backpage, he even took her phone and made the page himself.

    Forgie claims that Rudy then forced her friend to have sex with men for money and he also demanded Forgie do the same. She said no, he sexually assaulted her.

    It is shown in police records that Rudy was arrested hours later on South Virginia Street and police took statements from Forgie, Swiatkowski and Pella.

    Although the other story was crazy and funny, this one is real life and sad. We are revealed a whole other side and witness what sex workers go through. They deserve safety just like everyone else.


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