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    Top 3 Reasons Why Men Leave

    As cuffing season is among us, it’s imperative that women prepare themselves for a long winter. What do I mean by saying that? Currently, men across the world have a general idea of their final round in the free agency market. Chances are that if he hasn’t hung out with you in the last two weeks, you didn’t make the cut! Sorry, someone has to be honest with you.

    And if your bad influencing girlfriend won’t deliver the news, then at least I’ll tell you. Here at HYPEFRESH, we care about your feelings. But let’s not get off topic regarding how your last relationship didn’t work. I can’t summarize everything in this article, however, I can pinpoint you to areas of concern. Here are three reasons why men typically leave relationships.

    1. She feels she is the gift to modern civilization: From the beginning of time, man desired relaxation and the opportunity to create and build tools that would make life convenient. However, when women stepped onto the scene, the mysteries of the world became a top priority. Questions like, why didn’t you call me today, or when are you going to build the bookshelf becomes a priority. His 12-hour shift is now obsolete and a place for her books is the only thing that matters. This can dampen a man’s operating system. Yes, we have an operating system that is questionable at times, but that’s beside the point. The point is most women have strayed far from the original blueprint. Women were counterparts and companions. Now she’s a dictator.

    2. We as men should be more understanding: Men across the globe have to deal with the shenanigans of a woman on a daily basis. It gets to the point where we get an automatic headache when we hear her ringtone. By the third ring, it’s already implanted in our head that she’s either calling to complain about a worthless project or an issue that doesn’t affect us. Either way, we are supposed to be loving, and empathetic regardless if it benefits us or not.

    Working a full-time job, and being a role model to a child from her previous relationship isn’t quite enough anymore. Men are expected to be Superman on steroids to appease her in ways she never thought of. While women think it’s cute and adorable, I am here to break the bad news and tell you that it isn’t. Most men actually find this very annoying and pointless. While we have the nearly unconditional love for the special one in our lives, our tolerance level has a ceiling. Ultimately, men want the lady in their lives to add value not difficulty.

    1. Her baggage has taken too long to unpack: Historically, women are more emotional. The majority of women will disagree until their boyfriend forgets to do an errand. You might think that the example is silly until you experience it first hand. A lot of irrational demands stem from a woman’s previous relationship. After dealing with a heartfelt loss with a devastating breakup, women vow to never go through the same tragedy the next time around. While this is logical to most women, it is a burden for the man. Because of the historical baggage, the man has to step in and repair what was severed and lost in translation. This daunting battle isn’t something that can be easily won. So what do men do?

    At the end of the day, men have to deal with the issues from her childhood. In most cases, it’s only a matter of time before the levy breaks and the love of her life is out the door.

    Don’t read over this post and not share your thoughts. Make sure to comment below!!

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