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    The Tame and the Wild’s “Cold Is The Water”: A Nostalgic Indie-Folk Tune with a Twist

    Luxembourg-based indie folk band The Tame and the Wild release a remix of their hit song “Cold Is The Water.” The new version is crafted by Swiss artist Niklas Thal and promises to be a refreshing take on the band’s signature sound.

    The Tame and the Wild’s music evokes nostalgia and human emotions intertwined with nature, which is evident in “Cold Is The Water.” The addition of Niklas Thal’s remix elevates the track. Creating a unique blend of indie-folk and electronic music.

    The collaboration between the band and Thal highlights the power of art in connecting people across borders. Their quick and easy process resulted in an inspiring and uplifting remix, proving that music knows no boundaries.

    Fans of The Tame and the Wild and indie-folk enthusiasts should mark their calendars for the release of “Cold Is The Water” (feat. Niklas Thal Remix) and get ready to experience a new take on the band’s beautiful sound.

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