The Take: 2014 Forest Hills Drive


2014 is winding up, and J.Cole may have single handedly arguably dropped the best album of the year. The talented native of “The Ville” has been known for his lyrical content and impulsive delivery throughout his short time in the industry. With so many talented peers such as Drake, Wale, and Kendrick Lamar, hip hop is far from dead.

The Roc Nation artist has continued to put out creditable, and classic music which in returned has placed all three of his albums at the top of the Billboard 200 chart consecutively. J.Cole’s ability to reflect on his personal past times, and clever wordplay has given listeners the entertainment they lust for. The content of the album is much more intimidate by covering topics from his first sexual encounter, to discussing how the lives of black men are undervalued. With little to no marketing, no notable features, and stellar production, J.Cole has given hip hop junkies the perfect fix for Christmas.


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