The Season Finale Of The Mandalorian

Season Finale

The greatest show on television! The season finale of the Mandalorian did not disappoint. The season finally was the first glimpse of what the Mandalorian looked like under his mask.

Quick and to the point. The season-ending opened up the door for endless possibilities. After being cornered once again Mando finds a way to escape. Though the writing isn’t too deep the storyline stayed focused.

The season finale cemented the caretaker position Mando has found himself in. Baby Yoda’s talents come to life as he saves the crew on numerous occasions. One surprise twist was the IG droid that Mando destroyed was the biggest hero of the finale.

Mandolorian fans also received their first glance at a true enemy. Moff Gideons played by superstar actor Giancarlo Esposito. after losing his battle with Mando the writers kept everyone in suspense.

Mandos destiny

Disney and Lucas studios have done a great job. the future looks very bright for this franchise. The story of the beginning of Yoda was what all Star Wars fans wanted. Disney and Lucas studios delivered!

all of the answers that fans had at the beginning of the season were answered. Mando received his signet and his jet back. However, the revelation that Mando is the last of his kind may pose a danger.

finally, the question on everyone’s mind is “where is Mando headed”. it’s anyone’s guess but the idea opens up a vast imagination of new worlds and new characters.

also with Mando being accepted back in the bounty hunters guild. new opportunities and storylines are bound to happen. as a fan, I am excited to see where this series is headed. nothing but upwards I assume.

if you are a fan let us know what you think about the show. do you like it or love it. leave a comment


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