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    The Rise And Fall Of Patagucci

    It was in the year 2013 when a few men conceptualized a niche, yet influential, clothing brand that would leave its mark on the clothing industry forever.

    Patagucci, a clothing brand created by Nolan Smith, Alex Tomaszewski, Spencer Smith, and Mike Ellis, was a knock off of another clothing brand Patagonia (Plot twist: It was a knock off by design).

    Reminiscent of ECW, a former professional wrestling television program, Patagucci didn’t last long, but has the potential to influence the future direction of the clothing industry, like ECW did in the wrestling industry. I’ll explain in a minute.

    The brand opened up shop in 2013, according to its now defunct Twitter account, and operated under the alias Pat (Middle name A, and last name Gucci). The brand was worn by music artists Super Duper Kyle, Skizzy Mars, G-Eazy, DJ Carnage and Gucci Mane.

    According to Sneakhype, plays on popular luxury brands by street wear companies had been happening for years prior to Patagucci, but the latter’s head and shoulders above those companies pertaining to influence. Essentially, Smith, and friends, made it cool to wear knock off clothing.

    I believe more knock off brands will attempt to do this in the future.
    Rise And Fall Of Patagucci 1
    Specializing in Summer/Spring collections, Patagucci consisted of the following: tees, hoodies, hats, and sweatshirts. However, the brand was gearing up to release ‘gucci flip-flops in December of 2015 when their Twitter account went inactive. Shortly thereafter, their website went down as well.

    Finally, in February of 2016 some clarity to the situation was provided. Conducting a Patagucci Google search, I obtained the knowledge that Patagucci was sued by Patagonia. My heart sunk. Though I was able to purchase a Patagucci hoodie before the lawsuit, I was never going to be able to purchase another.

    According to court documents, Patagucci violated Patgonia’s registrations and applications for the Patagonia mark and logos. Additionally, the document said Patagonia owns common law marks, including a logo that uses waves in place of the Fitz Roy skyline on a multi-colored background.
    Rise And Fall Of Patagucci 2
    Essentially, Patagonia trademarked their wave design, and it’s referred to as “Patgonia trademarks”, so since Patagucci was identical to Patagonia, except the name change, they were doomed. Additionally, Smith had to pay a hefty fine. Also, Smith is Super Duper Kyle’s manager.

    Rise And Fall Of Patagucci 3
    All in all, it sounds like Patagonia, a brand name company, wanted to stick it to an upstart brand, and it’s unfortunate for Patagucci consumers, as they more than likely aren’t, and never were, interested in purchasing Patagonia.


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