THE REVIEW: The Packxsz – The MYA Remixes

The Packxsz The MYA Remixes

Here’s our honest opinion.

The Packxsz has been making some noise as of recent. It’s no surprise that the music producer based out of Deventer, Netherlands is killing it. His pattern as of recent has been nothing but heat rock for your ears.

Keeping a clean sound consistently amongst all the remixed tracks, it’s very hard to deny quality when it comes to Packxsz’s overall production. Clean kicks, crispy snares, bright hats, awesome sound effects, and most importantly – crisp vocals.

One key standout is the overall technique in which Packxsz structures the foundation of his compositions. There’s a bit of science involved here, as it takes a trained ear to know how to build around acapellas. One has to know the elements of songwriting, which in this case Packxsz has clearly mastered. We’ve listened to plenty of remixes before, but there’s something unusually unique about the listening experience here.
The Packxsz The MYA Remixes-1 (1)By the time the record is finished playing, it almost feels as if it was an exclusive, hot off the press. Let’s call the Packxsz the “modernizer”. He brings the current sound of R&B to his creations which reinvent the track itself. Thus forth making a completely reinvented record. It’s kinda cool how a song can be old as dirt, and sound like 2022, even though it’s only 2015.

All in all, these remixes showcase the unwavering ability of the producer himself. This guy earns it, every time. No bronze medals in this case. Nor silver. Forget gold. Platinum medals and plaques are in Packxsz’s future.

…. And maybe a gold Grammy or two. Our official score is below. Make sure to leave your thoughts below in our DISQUS section, and don’t forget to rate the music. YOU BE THE JUDGE! We’d like to see what you guys think of these official re-creations.


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