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    The Redskins Are No Longer The “Redskins”

    As of Monday morning, the Washington NFL team has officially dropped the name “Redskins”. This is due to the term “Redskin” being a racial slur and no NFL team should be named after something of that nature. 


    The announcement was posted on Twitter in the form of a statement letter. It read that the team would be retiring the name and logo and will continue a search to find new assets. 


    The name “Redskins” has a history of being the most problematic name in sports history. For years, people have protested against such name. The term is a racial slur against Indigenous people and dates back to 15th century. 


    Team owner, Dan Snder resisted changing the name for so long stating that the team has so much history and he has adored that aspect of pride since he was a kid. In 2001, Synder stated we would never change the name of his team. 


    Now, during these world-changing times, the decision has finally been made. The Black Lives Matter movement has been making history these past couple months. Since the death of George Floyd, many protests have prompted for the removal and renaming of certain racist things whether it be television shows, street names, statues, food brand names, or team names. 


    Right now, people are demanding change. Though this may seem like a huge step for Snyder and the rest of the team, it is only the beginning of the massive amount of work this country has left to do.

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