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    The Real Problem With The Nathaniel Woods Execution

    Last night the state of Alabama Executed Nathaniel Woods for a murder he did not commit.

    Nathaniel Woods’s execution is the latest example that the American criminal justice system is racially biased. Even after celebrities, activists, and the general public tried to save an “innocent” man life; he was still murdered.

    The word innocent is this particular case is subjective at best. In no way was Nathaniel Woods free from fault or error in his life. The three police officers who lost their lives on a fateful day in 2004, were serving a warrant for Woods arrest.  However, the fact is that Wood’s had little to no part in the murder of anyone that day, except that it was his warrant.

    In June 2004, Woods and his Co-defendant Kerry Spencer were two of multiple people inside a known drug house. Police were serving the warrant for Woods concerning a domestic assault charge. Yet before everything was said and done, three officers were dead and another was wounded.

    Spencer admitted to being the man behind the trigger and said Wood’s had absolutely nothing to do with it. However, both men were tried, convicted, and sentenced to death.

    For whatever reason, the man behind the gun is still alive awaiting his date with death, while the other was killed last night.

    Alabama is synonymous with racism, and this case proves it’s still a prevalent problem. The fact is three white people are dead, and two black men are allegedly the ones who killed them. According to Jim Crow laws, this was an open and shut case from the beginning. Despite Kerry Spencer taken full responsibility for the murders. The state of Alabama decided that one black man’s life wasn’t enough to pay for three white men’s lives.

    Should Nathaniel Woods have been held partially responsible for the events that took place that day? The answer is maybe at best; prosecutors argued he did nothing to stop Spencer, which is evidence of his complicity. However, one has to question what exactly anyone can do to stop an active shooter, who is crazy enough to shoot at white cops in Alabama of all places.

    In high profile cases such as this, the country continues to subconsciously place a higher value on white life than black life. There is no question that the families of those killed by Kerry Spencer deserve justice. The same is true for the countless number of black and brown people who have been killed by police or self-serving community patrol members. Yet here we are a few months after a white police officer got a slap on the wrist for killing a black man in his apartment. While a black man was executed for just being in the house that murders occurred.

    Dear America, I love you, but you are racist.

    What do you guys think of the Nathaniel Woods execution? Was he indeed a victim of a racist criminal justice system? Or did he get what he deserved?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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