The Purge: Election Day (Official Movie Trailer)

The Purge

Remember that really creepy movie The Purge? Everyone who seen it couldn’t get over the plot that twisted the perception of a future reality in “getting even” legally with those you didn’t see eye to eye with.

And in any way you seen fit. Even if it meant taking that person’s life.

We’ll, it’s back and this time, it’s taking place during ‘Election Year’ – (no coincidence here) as it new themed setting for the third installment to the sequel series.

Leo Barnes (played by Frank Grillo) takes on the role of being in charge of security for the film’s Senator, Charlie Roan (played by Elizabeth Mitchell), who is against the idea of The Purge.

The Purge: Election Year is set to release in theatres the weekend of July 4th. Lets just hope this movie isn’t hinting to any ‘realistic’ future plans by our Government.


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